Artistic Commission: reinterpretation of Grytviken’s Flensing Plan

Under the umbrella of the GSGSSI heritage strategy and Conservation Management Plan for Grytviken, SGHT and FOSGI are hosting an international competition that will engage artists to develop creative concepts to reinterpret Grytviken’s Flensing Plan, that evoke the site’s heritage and challenge visitors to consider man’s changing relationship with nature and in particular with the whale.

Flensing Plan, the old landing point for Whale Catcher ships at Grytivken

The winning design will be selected by a diverse panel representing GSGSSI, South Georgia stakeholders and the creative community; the chosen artist will create an interpretation/display that will set the scene for visitors to Grytviken. Its purpose is to help visitors interpret Grytviken’s past and present and to celebrate the recolonization of whales, seals, seabirds and plant life, thanks to excellent British stewardship and environmental management of South Georgia’s terrestrial and marine environments.

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Humpback Whales off the coast of South Georgia Island, photo by Phil Tempest, 2015