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Sarah Lurcock is SGHT's Director on South Georgia. Sarah acts as SGHT's senior representative on South Georgia, overseeing all staff on the island and looking after the running of South Georgia Museum and its shop. Sarah is also responsible for fundraising on visiting cruise ships and for arranging tours and events at the Museum.

Liz Adams is the buyer for the Museum gift shop and works primarily from England. Liz visits the Museum regularly to assess the gift shop and the visitors buying patterns. While Liz is on South Georgia she helps out as a Museum Assistant. Her main goal is to increase the profitability of the shop and standardize the stock control system. Liz  greatly enjoys meeting the museum visitors and having the chance to live and work in such a remarkable environment.

Steve Massam is the visiting Museum Taxidermist. Steve is based at the Falkland Islands Museum and comes down to South Georgia for around two months in some years to work on our taxidermy collection. As well as taxidermy, Steve is also building a scale model of Grytviken for display in the Bonner Room.  Steve is also involved in craft work at the Museum and he develops new pieces for the 'Made in South Georgia' collection each year.

Each year SGHT grants the David Nicholls internship bursary to a graduate of the St. Andrews University Museum and Galleries Studies course. The curatorial intern then travels to South Georgia to work at the museum that season under the guidance of SGHT's South Georgia Director Sarah Lurcock.