2013 News Highlights

  • At the 40th Conference of the Association for Industrial Archaeology in Dundee, 10 August 2013, Bjørn L. Basberg was awarded The Peter Neaverson Award for Outstanding Scholarship for his book The Shore Whaling Stations at South Georgia: A Study in Antarctic Industrial Archaeology.
    The award recognizes publications which have made the greatest contribution to the scholarship, knowledge and / or understanding of industrial archaeology. For more details on the award: www.industrial-archaeology.org. To purchase the book visit SGHT’s online shop here.
medium_P Neaverson pres Basberg_0
Prof. Basberg received his award on the Frigate Unicorn in Dundee.
  • Team Rat has completed the second year of Habitat Restoration fieldwork in 2013. This season the international team of eradication experts has tackled all rodent-infested areas to the west of the Greene, Thatcher and Mercer areas cleared in 2011. All indications are that those areas have now been rat-free for two years, and the birds are already benefitting. Pintail ducklings are fledging successfully at Grytviken for the first time in living memory! Over 50,000 hectares of infested land were baited in 2013 despite some of the worst weather in a decade, a tremendous achievement.
  • On Friday 19 April 2013, the Darwin Initiative awarded SGHT and its project partners GSGSSI and the RSPB £253,000 to eradicate mice from South Georgia as part of the Habitat Restoration Project. The partners would help to monitor the results of the eradication. The aware was made through a new UK Overseas Territories Environment and Climate Fund, known as Darwin Plus. This award will support the removal of mice from the two areas of South Georgia where they are known to exist. The work will be carried out as part of Phase 2 of the Habitat Restoration project in 2013.