Latest Darwin award


We are delighted that SGHT has been awarded a grant of £87,000 over two years towards the post-baiting phase of the Habitat Restoration Project by the UK Government’s Overseas Territories Environment and Climate Fund (also known as Darwin Plus). This is our third award from the Darwin Initiative.

We received very positive feedback from Darwin Plus on Phase 3 of the Habitat Restoration Project. Here are quotes from their review of our report:

“This project was very carefully planned and meticulously executed, as it needed to be to eradicate an entire population of rats over such a wide area.”

“…it is safe to state that this project represented very good value for money.”

“There is a strong emphasis in this project on transparent project management and decision making.”

“… rodent eradication programmes on other UK Overseas Territories and beyond will be informed by the South Georgia operation, once its success has been proven unequivocally”