Our mission – to protect South Georgia’s environment and preserve its history

The sub-Antarctic island of South Georgia is one of nature’s paradises and is rich in historical heritage.

The South Georgia Heritage Trust (SGHT) aims to work with all who wish to preserve the island’s natural and historical heritage for future generations – to redress past damage to its environment, to protect its wildlife now and in the future, and to preserve the human heritage of the island which so clearly shows the best and worst of humanity.

Phase III Habitat Restoration project, South Georgia, Bird Island, Jan. 2015 Photo by Roland Gockel

From 2008 to 2018, with the help of its USA affiliate FOSGI, SGHT successfully raised funds and carried out the world’s largest rodent eradication on South Georgia, saving native birds from extinction and increasing by millions the numbers of endangered seabirds on South Georgia. By telling the story of South Georgia’s past, SGHT hopes to inspire the island’s visitors to support research and conservation work that help protect our precious natural world.

Help us to preserve the island’s past and to create a better future for South Georgia’s wildlife.
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