Refurbished house at Husvik

SGHT Norway

The industrial heritage of Norway has many links to South Georgia, and Norwegians are fascinated by the sub-Antarctic island where many of their forbears lived and worked for months and years on end. SGHT has a Norwegian branch, administered by Stig-Tore Lunde of Sandefjord, with the support of Norwegian Trustee, Professor Bjørn Basberg. Several of SGHT's successful projects, including the restoration of the interior and exterior of Husvik manager's villa, and the creation of signage for Grytviken whalng station, were initiated and brought about by the Norwegian branch. A team of craftsmen from Sandefjord volunteered their time and expertise to restore Husvik manager's villa exterior in 2006, returning in early 2008 to complete the interior work.

Stig-Tore Lunde, chief executive SGHT Norway Professor Bjørn L. Basberg, Norwegian Trustee Norwegian craftsmen restored Husvik villa

Stig-Tore Lunde, Chief executive of SGHT Norway

Professor Bjørn L. Basberg, Norwegian Trustee of SGHT Team of Norwegian volunteer craftsmen who restored Husvik villa with SGHT Chairman Howard Pearce


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