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Stunning signed limited edition charts by Artist Bruce Pearson

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Artist Bruce Pearson’s stunning signed limited edition charts of South Georgia and the Southern Ocean feature wildlife illustrations.

Reclaiming South Georgia book By Tony Martin and Team Rat.


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This is the story, in word and image, of the SGHT Habitat Restoration Project fieldwork that took place on South Georgia in three phases (in 2011, 2013 and 2015), baiting every inch of rodent-infested land on the island. Much work remains to be done in the coming years to check if every rodent has indeed gone and this book has been created to raise funds for this crucial monitoring phase of the project. Every photo in the book was taken by a member of Team Rat, and the story is a personal account by Project Director Professor Tony Martin of the challenges and triumphs involved in routing the furry invaders.

Extract from cover notes: “In stunning imagery and text, Reclaiming South Georgia tells the inspiring story of how a globally important wildlife haven, badly damaged by human intervention, was set on the road to recovery by humans of a later generation. … In a world of seemingly endless bad news about the environment, this is a rare story of hope and success in the face of huge challenges.”

Click here for a review of the book in British Birds magazine September 2016.


Reclaiming South Georgia – Named 6th best bird book of 2016!!

The British Birds and the British Trust for Ornithology have named “Reclaiming South Georgia” by Prof. Tony Martin and “Team Rat” as the 6th Best Bird Book of 2016.

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