South Georgia Industrial Heritage Conference

Managing Industrial Heritage: South Georgia in Context

A two-day conference was held in association with The International Committee for the Conservation of Industrial Heritage (TICCIH) and the South Georgia Association (SGA), with generous support from Institut Minos and the Government of South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands (GSGSSI)




One of the principal aims of the South Georgia Heritage Trust (SGHT) is to preserve, protect and promote an understanding of the historical heritage of South Georgia in relation to the island’s whaling, sealing and maritime history. The conference brought together perspectives on the management options for the industrial heritage of the island’s whaling and sealing industries, set in the wider context of existing research, protection and management strategies for similar sites.

The conference aimed to decipher the future for South Georgia’s industrial heritage.  The conclusions from the conference will contribute to the future heritage strategy for SGHT and will create a decision-making framework to assist GSGSSI in the management of South Georgia’s industrial heritage sites.

Each speaker explored an aspect of industrial heritage with the aim of informing the conference conclusions.  The conference workshops discussed questions such as who should restore and manage the industrial heritage, who is responsible for it, and whether the buildings should be left to decay or be removed, preserved or renovated for another function.