Archaeology Fieldwork on South Georgia: Talk 20th May 2021 7:30pm UK Time

Together with the South Georgia Association we are delighted to present Dr. Marcus Brittain from the University of Cambridge Archaeological Unit, and historian Bob Burton.

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Dr. Marcus Brittain tells us about the 2019 SGHT South Georgia Archaeological Expedition and how they investigated some of the historic sealing sites on the island. They made some substantial and interesting discoveries.
Bob Burton will set the findings in context, telling us what the seals were used for, and why they were hunted so far away.
Photo Credit: Kerstin Langenberger.

The early human history of South Georgia centres on sealing and whaling activities. Hardy men were put ashore with minimal supplies to catch and process seals. Little is known about early sealing on the island, but by looking at the archaeological remains of their camps and work sites we can learn more.